Research Projects

The Joint Research Platform is the central research institute on the Nobel Prize winner. 

The centre, which connects the University of Vienna and the Music and Arts Private University of the City of Vienna, is innovative in its form (a cooperation of a science and an arts university), but also exemplary for new interdisciplinary forms of scientific-artistic research, presentation and teaching. 

Both universities can contribute their research proficiency, subjects and methodical approaches to our research centre: the University of Vienna covers the cultural, historical and social sciences and the Music and Arts Private University of the City of Vienna is responsible for its artistic research. The different research competences interact with each other in the dialogue between the two universities in order to develop new interdisciplinary methods and formats. 

Basic scientific research

The following basic scientific projects are our key areas of responsibility:

  • Documentation and securing of Jelinek´s oeuvre, its reception and contexts
  • Supervision of the globally used information and communication centre, which is based on the archive of the Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre
  • Compilation of reference books about the author.


On the basis of reference books, scientific research and always using Jelinek as a starting point, the Joint Research Platform conducts interdisciplinary and internationally networked research projects on socially virulent topics and crucial aesthetic strategies and elaborates long-term research areas which all build on each other. Austrian art since the 1960s and its international contexts as well as the image of Austria as a cultural nation are central. Jelinek´s work, themes and techniques are both a starting point and a driving force for the following large-scale research areas, which are planned for the next years. 

The subject areas Science - Art as well as Elfriede Jelinek and Music are of major importance for all these focal points.

Basic Principles

The following principles are effective in the research projects of the Joint Research Platform:

  • Interdisciplinarity: the dialogue between different subjects areas is crucial for our work. In this way, new interdisciplinary research subjects as well as interuniversity methodical approaches can be developed.
  • Networking of science and arts (literature, music, theatre, music theatre, dance, film, visual arts, cooperation of cultural institutions and artists): the elaboration of new scientific-artistic forms and formats, cooperation with cultural institutions and artists.
  • Internationality: the research projects implement intercultural and transcultural aspects. Global networking in the form of International Scientific Partners is crucial for the Joint Research Platform as well as ongoing cooperation in the projects with international scientific and arts universities and international scientific-artistic research projects. 
  • Processual character of our research: the research projects are elaborated over a longer timespan using project groups, interlinked discussions, workshops etc. in order to gain an exchange on new research results.
  • New approaches of scientific-artistic interaction: by using innovative dialogical formats including new media (such as video conferences, Skype-conversations, email exchanges, digitalized comments, audio and video files etc.)
  • Appearance in public: the research projects aim at having an impact on public discourse and initiating public debate. The results are continually presented to a big international community.

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