Publication series Discourses.Contexts.Impulses

The Joint Research Platform Elfriede Jelinek cooperates with the book series of the Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre for its publications.

The book series DISCOURSES.CONTEXTS.IMPULSES has been published by the Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre since 2005 at the Praesens Publishing House. In this series, books on Jelinek and her contexts are published. The range of the publications comprises documentation volumes, research works, monographs, symposium volumes and subsequent studies as well as collected volumes on main research areas of Jelinek’s work and reception.

Central research areas are amongst others Elfriede Jelinek’s intermedial writing processes, the reception of plays in Europe, the area of conflict between art and Catholicism, Jelinek’s collaboration with Christoph Schlingensief, her feministic references, the entanglement of economy and gender in her texts, postdramatic discourses, conception of space, parallels and differences of her oevre in comparison with Herta Müller’s texts like her “Privatroman” Neid (Private novel: Envy) and her theatrical texts Burgtheater (Posse mit Gesang) and Rechnitz (Der Würgeengel).

In order to guarantee the quality of the series, the volumes constantly undergo a peer-review-process according to international standards

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For 2020, the following volumes are planned:

The 20th volume of Komik und Subversion. Ideologiekritische Strategien (Comedy and Subversion. Strategies Critical of Ideology), starting with Jelinek’s texts, presents new insights into research on comedy and the area of conflict between comedy and subversion from an interdisciplinary perspective.

In the 21st volume of LIBRETTO. Zukunftswerkstatt Musiktheater (LIBRETTO: Future Workshop Musical Theatre) there are, starting from the question what significance text currently has in musical theatre, basic questions as well as future approaches, methodical approaches to the libretto formulated by renowned composers, libretto writers, theatre people, scholars. Central aspects are aesthetical approaches, genre discourses as well as (anti-)narrative structures and possibilities of language composition.

The 22nd volume is Christian Schenkermayr’s monograph Ritus, Schrift und Machtgefüge (Rite, Scripture and Power Relations) which is dedicated to the area of conflicts of interreligious discourses and language analytical writing processes in the works of Josef Winkler, Barbara Frischmuth and Elfriede Jelinek in the time span between 1995 and 2010. One central focus are Jelinek’s theatrical texts Babel and Abraumhalde as well as her essay Das Wort, als Fleisch verkleidet.